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My VICTORIES, JOYS!!!! I long to share, write stories of many VICTORIES I'VE Experienced....for Charisma. Nancy Rice

I've had 4 major diseases over my lifetime. Each one impaired me for a time. Each on had no pill to take to overcome it. So Go did!! I've often reflected ...most of my adult life, I been sick. Now, still battling 2 of those diagnosis. BooHoo. Some daze, I cry, Lord, I'm really tired of this!! Then say, but Jesus, YOU'RE MY HEALER AND FRIEND!!! ...and move forward!! The cancer battle (10yrs. ago), people sometimes uncomfortable to be around me. Afraid of saying, doing the wrong thing. Had I not experienced this, but God couldn't have shown me the Level of Compassion I could give. Backwards, huh. Kinda funny, I had the cancer, but assuring them it was ok. THAT I WASN'T that fragile!!! After awhile, I STARTED BELIEVING I REALLY WASN'T FRAGILE AT ALL!!! Strong In HIM!!! WOW!!!! That NEVER left me. I like to remember it this way. Learning and Leaning times, in the valley WITH JESUS RIGHT BESIDE ME AS I HAD NEVER KNOWN OR THOUGHT POSSIBLE HERE ON EARTH. "And HE WALKS WITH ME and HE TALKS WITH ME AND HE TELLS ME I AM HIS OWN!!!" Tarry, Drink In His Goodness.....I have to say...I WAS ALONE! In the Natural tho, Just ME. BUT Several Prayer Warriors Stood by me. Fasted. We still laughed a lot and since I had a home office worked every day , even the day of surgery!!!! Keeping life AS NORMAL AS POSSIBLE!!! Suzy, YOU ARE STRONG, FIESTY, AND FULL OF JOY!! So many LOVE U. U LIVE With A Hunk!!! U 2 are aging together like fine wine!!! Or HONEY!!!! Lol!!!! More than anything, Your Savior Extravagantly LOVES and Is With You!!!! .N.