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How can a Pastor calls and put sanctions of prohibition on the Servant of God in the life time to come to the Pentecostal Church? I myself have done now by lifetime sanctions of prohibition that go in Liturgy the Pentecostal Church for six years, only once and saw me, when the newspaper Christian Today from America preach, I was there he saw me this evil man and he wrote back this curse letter again!

Wrath of God came upon the City for his Spiritual viciousness against me because never harm no one in my life and are completely innocent. Also Bishop Pastor Casin, Belgium send to tell that too Pastes here but they do not care at all about it because they are selfish save only themselves in the second they destroy their lives and snatches cure the Spiritual bread that God gave cherish even Gifts given by God in Mercy to live and not die and so are great for Church service to the Lord.

So, aroused jealousy among them against me, the Holy Spirit’s love for me.God said all the curse which they preach and curses are not me or you, only Scripture scholars who use the evil power that murdered Jesus Christ the Lord in other life. They are not Pastors but they ar murderers has come sit on God’s chair playing the tree of life.

God knows the truth and speaks to us are the Lord’s Servant it is not always a Pastor is a true Pastor of God in Gospel or tru to GOD he can also be a Pastor of the Devil. What Jesus said himself and the hellish type murdered lives in them, as a Scripture scholars! Important seek God within yourself, you will find him was so sure of it because Jesus has told you., ”GOD IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK YOU”! FAITH ALONE does not like my friend made when a Pastor cursed her, she took suicide. Poor solution and poor Pentecost Church.

Is he jealous of your Gift is the question? Therefore important that you do a check who is in the altars so you also avoid getting your neck broken like me can live a better quality of life. Is Christian Churches hold Commandments on really where you should give your Talanter, Gifts & Love.

Make Life is good with Jesus, even if they would try to make you a new creation: a hedgehog with all the gossip poison and slandre. Say you a secret: ”JESUS ​​IS SO GOOD & WILL PROVE TO YOU FOR REAL IN YOUR LIFE, IN YOUR PRAYER, IN YOUR CHILDREN, IN YOUR FRIENDS IN THEM YOU LOVE & THE CHURCH THAT LOVE YOU”! LOVE IS LIFE, LIFE IS IN JESUS ​​CHRIST THE LORD, LORD OF LIFE & GOD IS LOVE.

When you are yourself, you will find God’s ID that no one can snatch from you. God taketh not back Gift & God repents nothing apparently well, I have been heavily discouraged, beaten but still I can not stop writing about Jesus in my life or comfort someone who they have snatched away the faith of God!

Then when you get hit, it’s so great for God of Heaven and even photographed the Angels in Heaven! Completely incredible you should know God of Israel.

Felt this was very important and take time slotted up amongst pastors, where are you Eternal, the question then why are not true? Also available lags as given Pastors missions, terrible! But those who are true Servants of the Lord reviled and they shows disgust in all, The Holy Spirit is Love.

The Italian Westeras man’s Love for Jesus

Once there was an Italian in our city and he loved his Jesus and kissed the cross that always wore around his neck. Wherever he went in town and they met so he always talk about his Beloved Jesus and nothing would make him take it off.

They were very jealous of him, the leaders of the Church the great love of God, Jesus in his life so one day so they/leaders of The Curch/ called psychiatry and was locked in a mental hospital in a long time because his love too Jesus.

Not correctly until then, the first time he took off his cross and said, ”NEVER AGAIN SHOULD I WEAR A CROSS NECKLACE, NEVER EVER TO MENTION MY MOUTH JESUS ​​CHRIST NAME OF THE LORD.”!

The last time the Italian Westeras man’s Jesus into his life’s locked up for a long, long, long residence in Mental Hospital because that we have really nasty deadly Pastors in Churches here! They also are involved in building Mental hospital clinics and are enemies of the Cross.

These Pastors are not Christians because God told Jesus is the Sacrifice Lamb who paid price and set the captives free. These Pastors sacrifice living people ice stead and Glorifying arbitrarily each other for it! Therefore I say, very careful in a Pentecostal Movement if you are Gifted can tear your eyes away or break your neck as they have done for me. Had also cancer of the eye, but cancer free today because of GOD.

These Pastors are not true in the Gospel or true to GOD mind you this.

How can you know that? "GOD's BID"!

No one can call themselves the Lord's Servant unless they have been on the Jews table. There, Jews were carved, incised and beaten. Some of the Lord's Servant bears the shape of a rose picture or other image, and has its own unique ID & Fragrance for Praise GOD! Never can anyone take your place, even if it is empty in the Church because it is something that GOD gave and not a meatball!

Ye also, as lively stones,

are built up a spiritual house,

an holy priesthood,

to offer up spiritual sacrifices,

acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.

[are: or, be ye] 1 Pet 2:5f

Westeras Church Trails persecute those who follow the Lamb of God and set apart for the Lord ordained, anointed the Lord's Servant but male preachers may think that a woman accidentally stepping on their toes as they like to press down so as described in this letter.

The Sanctified Ambassadress Birgit


God Bless You!