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Old articles

Is there a way to find an old article or even a bunch of articles on a particular subject?
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  • Drew (Official Rep) August 12, 2015 19:16
    Hi Ramon,

    I believe you are referring to articles on our website, if not let me know.

    There are two ways I can think of:

    1) Using the menu sections

    Check if the particular subject has a menu item for it. If so then you can click to that section and page through every article on that topic. They are ordered by date.

    2) Using Tags

    After finding an article you want more of, scroll to the bottom of it and find the "Related Topics" section:

    The words/phrases listed there are called "tags". Many of our articles have at least a couple tags associated with them. If you click on a tag it'll bring you to a page with every article that has that same tag. The only issue with tags is that our older articles may not have any tags on them.

    Let me know if this helped or not.
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