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About a year ago Charisma ran a short piece adapted from a Barna survey, I believe, about how many Christians agree with a woman's right to choose among about 5 or ten other points. In which issue was the aforementioned found and have I access online to said issue. Thanks, my email address is
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    Hi Todd,

    We ran a small stat box called "Divided on Abortion" in our August issue on page 25. Is this what you are referring to? It is not online, but here is the information:

    A new report claims Americans are deeply conflicted on the abortion issue, with a majority calling themselves both pro-choice and pro-life
    56% say abortion should be legal in most/all cases
    52% say abortion is morally wrong
    60% of Millennials support legal abortion
    59% of Baby Boomers support legal abortion
    70% say pro-choice describes them
    66% say pro-life describes the,
    Source: Public Religion Research

    If you are looking for something else, please reply and let me know.


    Gina Meeks
    Magazine Editorial
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