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Prayer for our Leadership

This is regarding SpiritLed Woman. I noticed that during the GW Bush Administration, in your Prayer Power for the Week segment, you would constantly solicit prayers for our President and his cabinet. However, I now notice that in this same segment you never ask for prayer for our current administration. I would think that with all that going on in the world, you would lift him up in prayer. Don't you think President Obama need our prayers as well, or do you only pray for Republican administrations? Just an observation and honest question. Thanks.
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  • Dear Char,

    Thanks for your question on Get Satisfaction.

    First, let me give you a brief overview of what the purpose of Prayer Power is. It is a short paragraph - first and foremost as a follow-up on the devotional. The first few sentences are geared toward that, then we add prayer for the greatest need - if a crisis occurs, this is what we add - then the spread of the gospel, the persecuted church and always Israel, and finally the U.S. or "nation."

    In reference to your question about prayer for the president and his cabinet, I checked with one of our writers, and she did some research on the frequency of requests for prayer for our national leaders over a three-year period.

    Although the statistics are too extensive to include here, requests for prayer for both President Bush and President Obama occurred about the same number of times. Sometimes it was specifically by name, other times it was more generic, asking for "the president" or "those in authority" or "government leaders."

    We assure you that there has been no intentional negligence of mentioning President Obama as opposed to President Bush. We encourage our readers to pray for the president of our country, whoever that is at any given time.


    IT Administrative Assistant
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