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Prophetic Truth

Dear Jennifer And Charisma News

As a much respected, highly visible entity, whose mission is to accurately present God's Truths to humanity, I kindly ask you this: What is the likelihood Satan (called a coward) and/or the False Prophet, themselves both knowledgeable of God's Words, prophecy, and predictions, that they themselves would come forth to begin the days of their own end?

There ARE false (uninformed) prophets in this world, misleading the already blind.

In regards to that we speak the truth and earnestly pray for mankind's Judgment (God's examination of mankind's reasoning and justifications), please consider the offering I make to your ministry - that you go to the attached link and read at the very least, the information on the jacket of the just released electronic book: 'Judgment' 'Standing on a Plain.' (The hard copy comes out in January 2016.)

What the book reveals is: Mankind's Prosecutor; and the information contained within the book proves it; but I will leave it up to the Holy Spirit within you to compel you to take your part in these times; as I have taken mine.

At this time, you can hinder, or be instrumental in establishing God's Kingdom upon this earth; but know this: the time for reasoning the works of mankind, from God's view has begun - the first 3 and 1/2 year period.

The Book: From the standpoint of the Prosecutor: What the Judgment of Mankind looks like, to those presently standing trial:

... also known to God, as Revelation's 'little' book.

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