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I’m frustrated

QRreader app Problem With Charisma Magizine

My QRreader app was unable to read any of the QRreader symbols in the latest Charisma magazine. I can't speak about previous issues because I didn't try to read any of their QRreader symbols. I have an iPod Touch 4G with the current QRreader app. I haven't had a problem reading other QRreader symbols.
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  • Dear Paul,

    Was there a particular QR code that you couldn't read, or were there various codes that didn't work?

    We have tested the codes and found that all were working except the one on page36 (because it's on a black background). We have reported that problem to our Editorial Department.

    Also, what QR reader app were you using? We have found that not all reader apps are equally proficient in reading the codes.


    IT Administrative Assistant
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