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  • Re: Marcus Yoars article in the Sept. 2013 issue. Reference to Sodom and Gomorrah shows topic of America's sin is not fully understood by the author. Reference to that city is relevant toward the rape of children and its' fruit in America. In that ancient city the bible cites rape as the relevant crime along with hard heartedness. According to F.B.I. profiles, men who rape are not gay. The cries God heard from that city may be the same cries he hears coming from all over America every night and day. That Lot's daughters fell to incest is telling of what was going on in that city. Again, my understanding is that it is heterosexual men who rape, not gay men. Regarding judgment, my perception of the gay men I knew was that they felt quite trapped by judgment already. I was born again in San Francisco in 1984. It was the human agony that drew me to Christ. Evangelical Christians sent me running away from Christ in the ignorance of what was really going on with sinners.
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