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Renovating bomb shelters in Israel

For those who understand God's care for Israel, there is another ministry that cares and is quietly rebuilding bomb shelters in Israel.
Check out Tikvat Am Israel @
Watch the videos, read the vision, go help or donate funds to renovate bomb shelters in the apartment buildings in northern Israel close to the Lebanon border. Church groups, businesses, clubs...if you care, get your group together to raise the funds and go help with the renovating...and receive a tour of Israel. Don't just go for fun..go to help. :) I receive nothing to share this info in any way. Yes, the US economy is struggling, but we still have much..and are not facing eminent war within our borders. The persecuted church could use help,too 55 different countries around the globe.Check out "Voices of he Martyrs." Cast your bread upon many waters...those who bless Israel , God will bless. Give and it will be given unto you.
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