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I’m happy

Russia and USA, the same devil, the same cure

Hi Stephen. I hope you remember me in your office back in 90-s. You made some publication on me.
I just wrote my story for Americans as I serve USA today. Maybe some need it here.
I am glad the Lord leads me to share my story with the American people. As I experienced hardship in Russia, I love to share the principles of God I learned from it. God did teach me in prison some secrets of the Word. I spent two years there according to His Will. Actually, all the important keys in the Bible are covered by His Glory. We should dig them up to discover "the hidden treasure in the field."

All people suffer. No one can avoid problems. Remember, the World still belongs to the devil. Jesus said this to his disciples. But there is a key on how to suffer for good results.

Naturally, people fight the problem equally, they resist the problem like all animals do in the jungle. Eye for an eye, so to say. But this does not help anybody in the human relationship. The World is becoming worse.

Instead, the problems of life should be accepted and not resisted. Surprised? But this is what Jesus said "resist not evil." I used this Word many times in my life. It always works! There are just two situations I would love to share right now.

In Russia I have preached the Word since 1979. God used me to reach the young people of Russia as I used the most popular music and became like a rock-star. Thousands have heard the Gospel we preached. The non-Christian communist government of Russia (Kremlin) became mad at me because of the popularity of our Ministry "The Trumpet Call." BBC, the Voice of America and many other radio-stations broadcast our Christian music daily to 280 million people of Soviet Russia. That was the first and the only Christian music in Soviet Russia during 1980 to 1990 before the fall of the Communist dictatorship in Russia.

I had two babies at home. My wife did not expect that one day the Russian government would arrest me. They blamed me as a "public enemy" and they made national footage on TV. They were really mad. They did promise I would be in prison all my life. False accusations and provocations! They said to the public I am an CIA agent working for America. That scared the people of Russia to death. Major newspapers and media, all worked for them. They made bad publicity for me. My own parents rejected me because they believed the KGB report more than their own eyes, even though they raised me. They loved me very much but now... I was "a public enemy of the homeland!"

I was just a new believer. But an important thing I had already learned from Jesus was, "turn your cheek to evil." So, I never was angry at my jailers or criminals who were around me, though they tortured and beat me. I prayed for them and told them why Jesus suffered on the Cross. I said I am honored to follow His step if needed. I always tried to smile when I shared about Him. That made my jailers mad even more. One of them took a gun and pointed to my head real close. He told me no one will blame him for killing me as he has a license from the government to do so. I said I am not to judge him either. God is in control when I must see Him in Heaven. I was in a good mood. I was surprised myself. I thanked God for that sweet Spirit He has given me to meet my death. Jailer put the gun down but he said I never will see freedom again, I will never see my wife and kids.

One year passed away in the prison cell. Just a tiny prison cell with one more prisoner who was a man from Guinea, by the name Abas, a fundamental Muslim, ready to kill me, too.

No contacts, no letters, no media, no faces, no angels, no open doors. I became upset. That African guy spoke all profound and cursed words to jailers. I did not. I felt fear of the Lord to speak bad word on my circumstances. I knew He was in control. Who am I to refuse the hand of Providence! I am in His hands if I am His child. And I really was!

But I need to read the Word. It's my food!

They denied me a Bible. I began to pray for a Bible. Then, I began to fast for a Bible. I rejected all other food. On the second day they asked me why I rejected food. I said I pray for you to give me a Bible. They just laughed. But on the fourth day they came and blocked my legs and arms with metal handcuffs. They put a plastic tube in my nose to pump up some stuff down my throat to my stomach. They stopped my fast. I was not mad on them. I was in good mood. I smiled and told them about Jesus, who understands the role of evil in the World. Do you?

So, the next day, when I saw the list of communist books and fiction jailers offered prisoners, I saw a title that got my attention. God told me to pick up the book of Robinson Crusoe. I did not want to read such fiction. But the Spirit told me to read. After few days of lazy reading I found out about the Bible verses in the book! I jumped up! When Robison did taught the heathen "Friday" he used a lot of the Bible. I was happy. The Lord gave me a Bible in the middle of a crazy atheist prison dungeon! I needed that as much as air!

Someone might think, oh, it's just special Russian case. But here, in America I used the same "resist not evil" principle of Jesus.

Once I was driving a car in Florida's highway. Some bikers with nazi-metal helmets and black jackets slowed me down and pulled over our minivan. I had the van full of our Russian church people, 5 men and my wife. I thought the bikers needed urgent help and stopped me. But when I opened the driver's window one biker smote me on my cheek. The man was on a dope, screaming something. My people in the van told me, "pastor we should go out and fight! " I said, no. Jesus told me, give him the other cheek. I turned my second cheek to him. He smote me a second time and then put a gun to my forehead. I said to him in a polite voice, "I am a Christian." He looked up, his hand was heavy, he put the gun down. He told me, "you can go".

The next time you experience evil, remember what Jesus said. He did not say all of this to make us a victim of evil. Instead, He gave us a principle on how to overcome evil by giving up our self. pastor sergei timokhin "tim"