Spiritually Abusive Churches, Thanks to Lee Grady

Thank you for your article from Lee Grady about
spiritually controlling leaders. I also had a friend who was involved in Maranatha and he had told me about the experiences of control he went through.
I had never thought that I would be a part of such a church but I went to a Charismatic leaders church in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Ralph Moore and his asst Aaron Suzuki were very helpful but as time progressed there were very controlling, my life, my finances, my career, jobs, and who I could and could not associate with. I had to leave the church after almost twenty years. They still attack me in prayer everyday.
I have a very strong distrust of the Foursquare Gospel because of their financial mishaps and pastor Tommy Barnett publicly preached that there was a forty year feud between the Assemblies of God (who the FS broke away from) and the Foursquare church.
They seem to be such a bullying type of tactics that gang up on people like gang warfare.
Very dangerous but hard to report to the police because they do it subtly and through spirituality.

I want to buy a subscription to your magazine but I have not had Full time employment for almost four years. This was from exactly the time I left the Foursquare church of Ralph Moore. Isn't it funny, he was so prevalent in leadership but now he is not mentioned as any type of council leader on their FS council staff, nor are any of his senior staff. Not even his son. He now has a non denominational church and his main church, changed their name.
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