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subscription problem

Recently a company known as goldreaders club contacted me and I thought I was dealing directly with Charisma Magazine. a few years ago they were able to renew my subscription to your magazine and they have my credit card number. I have since received mail claiming a charge for 3 years more of Charisma effective Sept.2012. I tried to cancel them but to no avail...I have arranged to have my credit card cancelled and renewed under a new number.If I do renew my subscription again with Charisma it will directly through your office. just wanted to give you an update.. thank you,Al Smith,1509 n.delaware,roswell,nm 88201
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    Dear Mr. Smith:
    Thank you for using Get Satisfaction to correspond with Customer Service.

    In locating your subscription to Charisma Magazine and after research who the agency is, it's called Budget Reading Services used by children at schools to sell subscriptions to parents and friends. Budget Reading Services is an agency that we use along mainly with Publishers Clearing House to as 3rd Party Agencies and they are legitimate. Even though you used a legitimate agency in 2009, yes can contact us directly through our Data Center at 1-800-829-3346 or you can contact me directly. Please respond.

    God Bless,
    Nettie Parks
    Customer Service Specialist
    Charisma Media
    Phone: 1-800-749-6500
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