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Suggestion for articles

I have a suggestion for an article. I'm a Black Christian, and politically conservative. I think Conservatives more closely reflect biblical values. It seems like about 90% of Black Americans are Democrats, and I'm sure a good part of that number are Black Christians.

My concern is that the Democratic Platform includes things that are contrary to the Scripture (especially the Gay and Lesbian Agenda, and abortion), yet no one seems to address this. Especially during the last 4 years of the Obama Administration, I saw more legislation in favor of the LGBT movement than ever before. It seems like many of us are so strongly influenced by the Leftist/Liberal Media, and have devoutly pledged our allegiance to the Democratic party, that there's a disconnect between our Christian faith and our political allegiances.

If we Black Christians vote for the Democrats and their platform, aren't we aiding and abetting the legislation of sin?

I would love to see an article on this topic!
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