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The drop Wine of Christ


The drop wine touched the God's Son, Jesus Christ lip!

Moses was a shepherd of God and when he threw his Shepherd's rod at the temple so that it became a snake!
Oracle priest had a cane and when he threw the stick on the floor so that every one snake!
Shepherd Moses led the people of Israel to the Holy Land of Israel, but Oracle priest hit with a stick on the slave's back.
The Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ is Lord, the Son of God Our Colonel Priest told me: "I died for you!"

Saw, in my prayer to Jesus never condemned me & never thrown me away from his Church on the street. The Lord said, "Let the judge one another in the Church, but the outside front of the Throne with clean linens that are The Sanctified by God's lamb blood from serious passions them Sentence GOD, GOD Judges FAIR"!

GOD is LOVE, how can you BEAT & JUDGE / JUDGE ME?
Then you can go and upload Chapel with Satan's face!
Also gone in the Church who do not even know me, do not even know what I have for wallpaper at home or how my family is, only you went after all the years of lies from Satan's face.

When God's Son, Jesus Christ the Lord and the Lord's mouth hung dead were drops of sour wine, although it will happen within the Church walls before the Lord returns in Heaven space for download God's people to Wedding reception in Heaven.

Listen carefully here, get to know the kingdom of God is

Most Church leaders pursue them as Female Preaching the Word of God in my town for the male vote stomped on their toes!

The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit
Anointed of God's Kingdom