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The Rich King of Kings versus empty Shell Company!

Whoever steals Spiritual bread crumbs by God to give faith nurturing Gift of God is not a friend of Jesus Christ Our Lord.

that they which do such things shall not inherit the

Kingdom of God.”
Gal. 5:21

The devil was jealous of God, was rejected. Scripture scholars were jealous of Jesus Christ the Lord, was rejected. There are Pastors / Priests who jealous of the Holy Spirit, Jesus testimony was rejected.

I will in no way throw out. Joh 6:37
I judge no one. Joh 8:15

There are curse Heart as this kind of Pastors with the desire that God will not use me
BUT God does not take back Gifts and they are Perfect in will of God!

Still, says Priests God does great things so let the boy ‘s mother; her boy who was healed in my prayer from autism is today chosen Ecclesiastical Host one of them turned to me, saying ” YOU ARE NOTHING ” ! Same as Not Welcome.

Then comes the Pastes message what a stupid mom also to my child; who once said : “Mom, I do not forget how it flowed blood and mucus evenly from your mouth and your hands with blood” a dying mother, but there is a God! When they try to kill me, Stupit!

Is there such kind of Pastors in Heaven?
Is there such kind of Priest in Heaven?

I know the answer as Power of God lifted up three Heavens get the knowledge to God loves me and of course you, too.

It typically is rewarded presses Perfect Gift of God, so stepped into the dust Church bunnies in Pastors predictors seats

It was also the same when devils ravaged by description Biblical Job lost all but won in Heaven God’s heart’s humble existence in the earliest times men of God, perhaps the smallest but still the paramount in the eye of God, Him of Righteousness.

What significant meaning means;
” Righteous Gifts of God is Perfect” !
...for God said;

“I ‘ll make you Perfect ” .
“I dress up your clothes and gave me a white in silver hand-sewn costume Ambassadress of God.”
“I ‘ll make you Perfect Servant of Jesus, friend.”
“I ‘ll make you ’ PERFECT ’ !”

Only God ‘s Righteousness can do a ” PERFECT” faith in God ‘s Son, Jesus Christ the Lord of Righteousness, Amen on the AMEN.

I’m tired of reply Pentecostal Church was let snatch away her faith in God!

I’m tired of blank Shell Company is available in all areas, talking great things also of God’s Love but bottom step away from the lectern they starts to swearing and

cursing others! So Celestial tired of “The Show” that still does not mean anything even less about “GOD & MERCY”. MERRY CHRISTMAS & BLESSINGS

Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.
Matt 5:48

I have seen God is blue when I was 5 years old and Jesus was 42 years said to me ;

Become healed from various cancer types much more ....
I was cancer-free before I went on Alm/elm The Pentacostal Church services the first time was dying of cancer. The Doctors said live only until October 2008! Never got any support from Churches here only from my God who protected and helped me so I can help others in same way.

The Sanctified Ambassadress , Birgit
Jesus Acute North Nation