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This applies of course, live in overtime!


Today in City you are all beautiful storefront with Christmas fragrance and inspiration, and some Christmas trees at intersections where people go from one mall to another mall. Finding the Christmas Gift suitable for those thinking of is not simply the most you will find what you yourself like it?
When they made their cases and the entry so it slips into Swedbank, and there were three young Somali youth who staff taught handle banking transactions with the computer, nice. It looked so funny one of the Somalis looked like a professor, imagine learning to handle computer banking.

Okay , some of queuing system, then it was my turn and one of the staff saw me. He cried oh ... to the two of cashiers, tell about the man ”Jesus”! Ooops, so I figured tell it which can ́t be disproved, yet it’s true! A name of Jesus who heals and you can see the Angels, too. God is not as stingy as Pastor. Suddenly there appeared several bank officials and wished them a Merry Christmas, blessings!

God is really good and merciful, Mercy rich and perfect Love. God can never fail anyone that God has begun His work will also terminate. God is never unemployed full up with “me”, consider the time you do not put down something that takes time. This applies of course, live in overtime! Do not think it is out of Jesus for the next of course MC Donald ́s * :)

Found three people, looked like one of them looked like the two men in the Bible who went to the house to drive out the devil and instead became very shredded and thrown out ... it does not sound like Pain- Church? Of course, they were not in such Churches but asked for one of them Pray for them, may God bless them with patronage and less invoking any problems. Some have difficulty understanding these devils and demons have been lots thousands of years and skill of every trick fooled, many blabbing about them and are experiencing problems for the demon may think that you are “sick pet” of them and then you get a demon completely free as worries mate instead of God with blessings right?

Does anyone talk about is the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God a Gift of Love and hope to many may grow in their own faith in God. God needs all people and wants all people to come to Heaven’s kingdom and in Grace!
Grace that we live in right?

Importantly they were told them, Jesus lives in the heart and God is not a traitor, God, GOD is the real thing by simple faith and not to make it awkward or try to be something you ‘re not, best to be yourself how stupid it sounds, in other people’s ears .
Everywhere, people are talking bad but let the babble everything will still end up in oblivion ocean right? MERRY CHRISTMAS, WE WERE BLESSED WEEKEND!

The Sanctified Ambassadress, Birgit
Jesus Acute North Nation