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Trinity's BAPTISM

I just want to thank our Heavenly Father for allowing my grand daughter , Trinity Peterson's picture to be chosen outof 673 kids at the New Springs Gauntlet in daytona..being baptised..coming up outof the water...what you should know is..her earthly dad has never had anything to do with her or her 2 brothers, Isaiah and Malachi...and when my sister called to tell me Trinity's picture was in your magazine>Oct 12...I thought she was joking...but what I was you to was able to let Trinity know how her HEAVENLY FATHER CHOSE HER FOR THAT PIC..because HE wanted her to know how much he loved her and what a great plan he has for her life..she is so grateful and this has changed her life to know her pic is going all over the world....thank you so much and PRAISE BE TO GOD ..for touching her little heart with such love...GOD BLESS YOU ALL..Debra