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Unable to comment on blogs

It seems that Lee Grady’s Zachary Tims article struck a nerve with over 400 responses, most likely 600 if you include comments that were deleted. Not only were my comments deleted, but I am unable to comment (or even see other comments after logging in) on any article on Charisma. My comments were not insulting, harsh, racist, I urged prayer for the Tims family. I questioned the system of hyper-prosperity that can be so easily taken advantaqge of and implied, without naming names (unlike some commenters), that others were abusing the church financial system as well. I had the misfortune of being one of the early commenters and took the brunt of the outrage that anyone should be criticizing Tims or New Destiny Church. I am sorry if I offended anyone and I will try to maintain utmost respect. Could you please restore my ability to comment? I have been a supporter of Charisma and subscriber since the late 70s.

Rick Dalbey.
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