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I wanted to share this video with you and see if you wanted to do an interview and possibly post this on your website? It's the official music video for my song "More Than Enough" which has already earned 1,500+ plays on YouTube in just 10 days! The song is also the first single from my upcoming EP and is available for purchase through iTunes and Amazon MP3. The song is currently being broadcasted on radio stations and soon will also broadcast on television. I hope to hear from you soon!

watch here:

- Jimbo
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  • Jimbo,

    Christine Johnson here from Christian Retailing magazine.... I appreciate the song, and thanks for getting in touch. Since we are a trade magazine, we require about 2.5-3 months' notification in advance of release to the Christian market, so if your EP is coming to stores in March or April, we would consider it for possible publication. If it's only online, it wouldn't fit our audience since we write for the managers/owners/staff of physical Christian retail stores. Let me know if I can be of any help to you within these parameters.

    Blessings in your music ministry,

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