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website architecture

What happened to your website/discus architecture? Why does only one article display rather than the 10-15 previously? One can mouse around and find other current articles by clicking on categories like US or World, but what a nuisance. What newspaper or news website displays only one news item? Am I missing something? This began to happen 3 days ago. If this is the new architecture you will lose readership.

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  • Drew (Official Rep) July 09, 2018 12:51
    Hi Rick,

    Nothing has changed so it sounds like there may be a bug on our site or a issue local to your browser. I don't see any issues on my end though.

    What page are you only seeing one article instead of many? The homepage?

    What browser are you using (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc)? Have you / could you load the site in a different browser, or in incognito mode? That would test whether or not it's a caching issue (in which case you just need to clear your affected browser's cache).

    You can reply to this ticket, or you can email me at
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