Why I won't pass your magazine on

I received your magazine in the mail. (Not sure why, I did not order it.) Most magazines I pass on to other people after I have read them. I am afraid I will not be able to do that with yours. While there are several worthwhile articles, The Perspective by Steve Strang entitled "Winning the War on Traditional American Values" is the reason I will put it in the recycling pile instead. He should read the article on page 70 "How to love people across the political divide" by J. Lee Grady. I hope that everyone at your magazine doesn't have the same opinion of liberals. I am a liberal because I am a Christian, and so are many of my friends. While I don't agree with Hillary's statement on the "basket of deplorables", as a Christian I thought we were to rise above. As the old Children's song goes, "They will know we are Christian's by our Love" He is making broad statements that are incorrect. Stereotyping all people on the Left. If he (and you) are not reaching out to Christian's on both sides of the aisle, you are doing a disservice to your magazine, your subscribers, and Christianity. By allowing articles such as that, you are furthering the divide in Christians and in America. I hope that you will reconsider your place in America and in history. (Biblical and otherwise) Thank you for listening. Sincerely, Marta Ferreira
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