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You made a difference in 1988

13 years ago, my Granddad passed away. I visited his home and found the Bible he read when he first became saved. I have treasured his Bible all these years. Today, I picked up an insert that has always been kept in it. It's a reading log that takes one through the entire Bible in a year. It always makes me smile to see his check marks beside each day. For the first time, I noticed that not only is this reading plan from 1988 (when I was 6), but it looks as though it was torn from your Charisma Magazine, 1988 issue. He never sent in his completed checklist for a certificate to frame, but all these years later, it has been kept safe. I wanted to thank you for being an encouragement to him. He was and remains to be an encouragement to me through his legacy. God Bless
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    Thank you for your encouragement and your Grandfathers Legacy. May you forever be touched and blessed by him, A Man of Power and Purpose. I'm sure you have his blessings and never forget the True UnAdulterated Word of God is the BIBLE.

    God bless,
    Nettie Parks
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