Rotation & patterns: how would you like it?

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A couple of Repper users have asked us if it would be possible to rotate the patterns. We think this is a neat idea and would like to get your feedback on this.

Some questions that come to mind:

  • For what purposes would rotated patterns be helpful?

  • Would you like to rotate the selection box?

  • Or, would you like to have the pattern rotated as it is displayed?

  • Or, both?

Please share your thoughts and opinion - we are listening!
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studio:ludens, Official Rep

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Posted 6 years ago

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Rivka Dieho

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I think rotation would be very handy, and not just at 45/90 etc degrees but 360 points. I think you can choose only the selection box is really necessary. A great side effect, perhaps, would be a more precise selection box.
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Thanks for your thoughts, Rivka.

-- some background information on rotating patterns --
What we are trying to figure out is what to do with continuous rotation. When saving the pattern as a surface, rotation is no problem, as we can just rotate the pattern on the whole surface and save it.

However, when saving the pattern as a tile (that is, a single rectangular image that can be repeated to form the continuous pattern), we run into a problem. As the tile needs to be -well- tilable, the rotation aspect of the pattern also needs to be included in the tile.

For a tile that is rotated 30 degrees, the tile becomes about 2 times bigger. But when you rotate it only 5 degrees or something random like 64 degrees, a repeatable tile can become enormous!

-- proposed solution --
I'm proposing a feature to rotate the background pattern freely in the Repper interface. When saving the surface, this rotation is taken into account. When saving it as a tile, we omit the rotation. You can then later on set the rotation again in another graphics program in which you are repeating the tile, thereby avoiding enormous file sizes.

-- 1 tricky scenario remaining --
The only scenario that would not work well with this, is when you want to have a rotated pattern for a website (for which tiles are great because of file size). On the other hand, a large file size because of a tile with a rotated pattern defeats the purpose of using a tile instead of a surface in the first place.

"Simple rotations" like 15, 30 or 45 degrees could still be possible for tiles, as they result in file only able 2 to 4 times larger. Any angle more exotic seems (so far) mathematically impossible.

What are your thoughts on this? Would this provide a workable and useful solution to you?
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Rivka Dieho

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Hello, hello!

That was some detailed explanation! I have to say that I find it a bit difficult to visualize exactly what some of the propositions are. But after some thinking my preference would go to the simple version, just to start with, the degrees you are proposing are already a lot of extra possibility's.
The rotation option would go great with a proposition I just thought of again, but this would make things even more difficult. It would be so wonderful if you could use two images in one pattern. I find that I really miss that option for some of the patterns I make. And especially if you have two different images that you can rotate, there will be a million extra possible pattern. Of course the opacity of both images needs to be 'movable'!!!?!

I thought I would make it easier for you but instead I gave you a whole new cup of tea to deal with!

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studio:ludens, Official Rep

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Very interesting ideas!

You are right, it's quite a different cup of tea and in the current interface, this would be hard to incorporate. Not only do we want to empower you as much as possible, we also want to keep it simple and accessible as a whole for everyone. It's a balancing act.

Still, I understand what you are aiming at: more variety! I would love to see what kind of patterns you have created that have been enhanced with other software and to see how we could make those creations easier for you to experiment with, right in the Repper context. Feel free to share them here in this thread or send them to us.

In the meantime, I can maybe excite you with the fact that the upcoming version of Repper will include new, more versatile pattern types. Heck, I'll include a sneak preview here :-)

This one combines an octagon (eight sides) with a square. Because there is a lot of repetition going on, it's really easy to make it look balanced and pleasing to the eye.

This is a creation of my own, with some interesting kinds of mirroring that I haven't seen anywhere else.

We'll post more upcoming features in the next weeks, here on this forum and our blog.
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Hi staff,

the new pattertypes are great.. i enjoy them very much.
I am not sure of it but is in one of the pattern an embedded diamond shape (ruitvorm) ?
This is just something I wanted to ask you for as a new shape with plenty variations.
Another question... is it possible to get some more variation in the circle form pattern?
Or another pattern based on circles or ovals?

Thank you

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deb Christensen

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Brilliant idea to rotate - currently the only program I'm aware of that does a great rotation is Paint Shop Pro. And I would prefer having all my tools in one place for a change!
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Kaare Bækgaard

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No no no.

Rotation has to be very simple. Please Keep the resulting pattern horizontal/vertical - I can rotate that myself, if I want to.

It is the selection box that must have the capacity to be rotated – for instance by option-draggin a corner of the selectionbox.

Whatever is inside the selectionbox will automatically be rotated back to horizontal and tiled in the tiling window.

I would use that all the time.