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Photo of ddeko
Why when sometimes I 'thumbs down' a page, the 'thumbs up' highlights and then I get sent to:
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Photo of n10073
No photo images
I have StumbleUpon as an addon in Firefox. When I open a "connections" profile and even my own, I only see the Thumbnails description but...
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Photo of ales888
Troubles when stumbling
I have problem with stumbling through my likes. Toolbar extension on Chrome is not responding when I ́m in "stumble my likes"interests mo...
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Photo of AriaZephyr
Unable to add new pages
I have been unable to add any new pages for the last few days.  When I try to do so, using either the StumbleUpon Firefox Add-On or direc...
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Photo of David Babinec
Thumbnail incorrect
Why when I stumble some content from my website it showings snapshot of website? I need to show thumbnail image from post, as I have very...
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