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Photo of jelhel
Enough is enough
I really used to like Stumbleupon, but over the last few months, updates have meant that it now takes an age for a page to load, and then...
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Photo of Adrian
New Profile Beta
Hey Stumblers, We've released a beta version of the New Profile pages. This new version helps to bring your Lists side by side with your...
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Photo of Richard
Changing my SU user name
I am trying to change my user name and the pop up for my password is just hanging, so the name remains the same. I have tried to do this ...
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Photo of Foxy-Senpai
Wrong topics?
It's not that they're categorized wrong, it's just... well...  I'll narrow my stumble down to something specific like Humor or whatever a...
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Photo of Redgoat
What are you doing to stumbleupon? When I like a new page how do I change it from uncategorized? I had to go back to classic to even see ...
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