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Gets stale quick. Only see stuff from about 3-4 people I follow, not a larger grouping.

Would be nice if when I clicked on a thumbnail it opened in a new tab, but this may just be personal preference.

We should be able to sort them by date and topic, giving users the option to catch up on friends' older stuff, start with the new, or browse by topic.

The thumbnails still feel too large, especially in instances with low resolution graphics (rage comics and the like), which are almost headache-inducing to look at.

If something sucks, we should be able to delete the thumbnail/stumble from the area and it be replaced with something else. Most of us are following at least 100 people... why do I only see 3 faces? Why are their stumbles weeks old? Nothing recent about that. :)

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Posted 2 years ago

benadamx, Product Operations Manager

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Hey Guys,

As it's an experimental 'Labs' feature, we're still working out many of the kinks in the Recent Activity display; while it's still under development, the content may be a little less recent or varied than you'd usually expect, and as folks have already reported, you may see multiple stumbles from the same users, or stumbles that are obviously too old for a 'recent activity' display.

Please check back regularly, as we'll be fine-tuning it over the course of the next few weeks.