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Praise where praise is due! - I notice we can now see the number of our followers and visitors, etc., - a simple solution


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Posted 2 years ago

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finding it hard to give praise... but it's helpful.

Gladsdotter, Champion

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It is amazing how much difference something so simple can make.

Now I'm wondering if numbers could also be added to the dropdown box on the Likes view. Seeing the breakdown of Likes, Photos, Videos, Additions, would be extremely valuable information in deciding whether to follow another stumbler.

In addition, every time I visit another stumbler's page, I think that it's not fair that everyone but me has ready access to the number of my additions. As it is now, I only see that in the discovery box when adding a new page.

benadamx, Product Operations Manager

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you should mention these in a separate thread if you want them considered - they'll get lost in this one.


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Thanks Stumblers! Keep those ideas and feedback coming and we promise to move on them as best we can. The more we hear from users, the more we are able to fight to get your requests on the roadmap and prioritized.

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