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The sort under Your Connections is broken. I can go from Recently Active to A-Z, but then I am unable to return from A-Z to Recently Active. That is, once I switch to A-Z, I am stuck there. Clicking on "Recently Active simply causes the page to roll to the top but doesn't change anything. This is true both in Following and in Followers.

This is in FF 10.0.2.

Please don't make us use the new version until it is actually working!!!!

Gladsdotter, Champion

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  • very discouraged at how completely broken the new SU is

Posted 2 years ago

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Gladsdotter, Champion

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Further to this:

The sorting options on Your Connections only work when the page is freshly loaded. That is, If I go to see my Connections, I can sort Following by A-Z, but if I switch from Following to Followers or Visitors, and then switch back to Following, the A-Z sort doesn't work. I have to click the Connections link at the left to instigate a fresh visit to the page for the A-Z sort to work.

The sort also doesn't work if you've gone to page 2 or used the jump.

In other words, the sort only works if it is the very first thing you do upon visiting the page. If any other action is performed, the sort no longer works.


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Hi there,

We're aware of this situation and plan to work on making it cleaner so it doesn't need a refresh each time. Very keen testing skills, Gladsdotter!

Thank you for the report.

Gladsdotter, Champion

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This is still broken. Is it ever going to be fixed?


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another bug into the void, Gladsdotter.

benadamx, Product Operations Manager

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Hey Folks,

As mentioned in other threads, we're in the process of refactoring how pagination works sitewide, which should address this and other related bugs - we'll be sending an update with more details soon.


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Same here,

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