StumbleUpon should treat http and https urls as the same

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This conversation is no longer open for comments or replies and is no longer visible to community members. and are the same, so when I get re-directed to an https site while stumbling, my thumbs down shouldn't fail because the https site hasn't been liked, and vice versa, my thumbs up shouldn't re-direct me to the submit new stumble page. (FYI, I used gmail as an example only.)


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Posted 2 years ago

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benadamx, Product Operations Manager

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Hey Guys,

As a general matter of policy (and due to a wide variety of security and other technical concerns), we've just not allowed the submission of https urls; due to an oversight in the v5 design we let that policy lapse for a bit, but will be closing that loophole shortly and again disallowing https urls.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but it's essentially not on the table for further changes at this time.