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Ever since the new Stumbleupon came out I'm not able to login to I go to the homepage and click login and it takes me to a stumbleupon login. I log in there and I don't see a way to access my homepage. help!

Mike null

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Official Response
Thanks to one of our users, jmc.thetruejoe90, for his detailed tips on the work around this bug until we get it fixed:

- Log out of StumbleUpon
- Close your Browser windows
- Visit StumbleUpon You will be directed to the new version.
- Log in to the new version.
- When you get directed to your Home page, remove '/home' and replace it with '/compat.php'. This will then take you back to the old version.
- Log in one more time.
- When you have logged in again for the second time, go to You should be able to access the page from there.

Hope this helps! Sorry for the inconvenience as we work on the solution.


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Official Response
Hi everyone,
We've made some update with Hope that we've addressed the login issues that people were seeing. If you're seeing login issues as of now, please let us know.