SU, seriously crippled on Android browsers.

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On my Android device I see it is impossible to add a page to SU from within the SU mobile app, so I tried using my browser (stock Froyo and Dolphin mini) to stumble and add pages the way I do it on my desktop computer. When logging into the SU site, I get prompted to download the app. I already have the app and since it's severely crippled I won't be using it. I want to move on and stumble from within the browser. After clicking on "continue to desktop site", the usual SU bar appears at the top briefly displaying all the usual beloved icons, only to be replaced by a "Stumble" button and an annoying "Install StumbleUpon" and question mark buttons that will not go away (see image). The thumbs up, down, and comment buttons are gone, so I am unable to add or thumb up (or down) any page I encounter, or even to check my favorites, using my cellphone's browser. This is extremely irritating, since I do a LOT of internet browsing on my phone. Stop reminding me about downloading the app. One time is fine, really. Give me back my SU bar functionality. Please fix this.
PS: I also noticed that the "share" feature most apps have on my phone does not work with SU, even though it shows up on the list as an option. Why? (BTW, StumbleUpon is the ONLY option for sharing that doesn't work. All the others (Pocket, gmail, email, messaging, Evernote, Dropbox, ColorNote, etc... work flawlessly with the sharing feature).

Rey D

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Hi Rey,
Thanks for writing in. I've gotten this Share feature to work on my Android phone and SU Android app before, and so will have to see how to reproduce the issue.

Rey D

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Thanks for your response Xian. Do you need any further info from me to reproduce this? My cell is a Samsung Gravity Smart running Froyo, Dolphin mini and stock Android browsers. Thank you again.

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