TOPIC/tag discrepancies and misclassification solution!!

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I think we need our topics updated.
Separate "SEWING" and "QUILTING". those who are avid quilters mostly only quilt, and most people who sew generally don't quilt - like me.

Another, even worse, is the topic "COMICS". There is a huuuuge problem with this tag. SOLUTION: separate "WEB COMICS" and "COMIC BOOKS". That would DEFINITELY save me some headaches.

I'd also say split the "softcore porn" (topless chicks) from the topic "NUDE ART"....
Separate "LINUX/UNIX" and maybe add different Linux distros or at least just "Ubuntu" - Ubuntu users don't want to see Mint themed stuff, etc etc etc. They're entirely different systems.
Stumbling the topic "VIDEO GAMES" will heed you both online flash games and console games. That shouldn't happen.
"ATHEIST/AGNOSTIC" aren't the same thing, either.
"VEGETARIAN" has got a problem as well - VEGANS need their own separate category.
And there is a "YOGA" topic - why not PILATES?
I feel that "MARIJUANA" should be separate from "DRUGS", perhaps even "DRUG LEGALIZATION" added- to differentiate the "hey bro letz get high" crowd/pages from the serious (medical-) marijuana users.
I notice when searching "ARCHITECTURE" I get a tooooon of "HOME DESIGN" stuff. Not the same!

I understand half of this is solved by using tags and the SEARCH function - but most cannot be. And I know new topics would be hard to impliment - especially due to the fact that billions of pages are already stumbled sans suggested topics.... but I want it fixed!

Thanks to the hard-working Stumble crew!! I'd bake you guys some cookies if I could.


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Hello all,

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