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Lightbox shortcode issue

I had an issue before with the HTML for getting the lightbox feature to work...but now that I see there is the little "SV" short code button next to "Upload/Insert"...that helps. However, problem now seems to be the link. The light box work now, just like I wanted it to, but what gets clicked to open the video in the light box is what I am having an issue with. The short code is as follows:

[sublimevideo-lightbox poster="" src1="" width="640" height="360"]<>[/sublimevideo-lightbox]

(see the screen shot attached below for exactly how this short code appears on in my Wordpress editor)

BUT see where I put <>? That is all that shows and one has to click that to open the light box video. There's no poster frame, despite it seeming like it's indicated by the ""

What I would like ideally is to have a "watch now" icon/button image be what people click to open the light box.

So, just to be clear, the light box video does open and play just as I want it to. But, it's the link that is the issue. I don't really like how I have the <> hyperlink...and would rather have it be a clickable image. I would try making the red "watch now" button be the poster frame to see if that worked but, it seems the poster frame feature is not working.

Thanks for your help!


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  • Hi Chris,

    You actually have to insert the image between [sublimevideo-lightbox ...] and [/sublimevideo-lightbox], as explained in our documentation:

    The "poster" attribute is used only in videos that aren't in lightbox, before the user clicks the play button.

    So in your case, the code you should have should look like this:

    [sublimevideo-lightbox poster="" src1="" width="640" height="360"]<img src="" />[/sublimevideo-lightbox]

    Note that if you insert the image using the “Add Media” button, WordPress will add more attributes to the img element, you should leave them as they are.

    I hope that helps.
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