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I’m confused

Is SBRC.exe always supposed to load at start-up?

SBRC.exe always loads at start-up and the command prompt loads at the beginning showing it doing it's job (registry cleaning).

I havnt used my computer in a month, and dont know whether this is a new feature (or maybe a new version of the program). I've never seen that file load previously since I've had this program since April 1st.

The actual program itself works great. I dont know whether I have to reinstall the program, or maybe I just need to stop SBRC.exe from starting up? Or is it a necessary file to always start on boot?

Thanks all
  • Hi riceorony,

    Thanks for posting. sbrc.exe is CounterSpy's boot-time registry cleaner. This will generally only run on boot up if CounterSpy found it necessary to run further scans to remove a threat. You will need to let that scan completely finish in order for it to NOT continue to scan on subsequent boot ups.

    If you continue to experience any more problems please feel free to contact our support team at and we will have someone work directly with you.

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