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VIPRE lets in virulent backdoor trojans & tech does not respond

I have just had an incredibly bad experience with Sunbelt's vipre. I understand that there is not sunbelt tech support on weekends but I sure expected a reply on Monday. Nothing. Nada. Ridiculous. VIPRE allowed a virulent backdoor trojan to get through. Which can happen on the best of protectors. I understand that. But then vipre says it had caught it. It had not. VIPRE said it was running the deep scans I had set schedule for. It was not. I did a restore to "go back in time" to rid my pc of this virus & malware. As tech I spoke with on Friday advised. Did not help. I have also learned that the burito/exe is not a brand new problem. Been around awhile. VIPRE just had no definitions for it. And I cannot get a response even as to how I should fix this? My mistake was in thinking before I had purchased vipre that the tech support was so great. I had obviously mixed up tech support with sales.

Others beware. VIPRE lets things through & then will not help you fix it when it does. Worse, vipre screen say it HAS fixed it when it has not. Use vipre at your own risk.
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