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why don't you organize your downloads and make them available in a more spaced out timely manner?
Presently your service is a real pain with what is sometimes trivial downloads every week or less that disrupts my work.
Apple does a better job.
thank you
charles cooper
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    Thank you, Charles, for your feedback and apologies for disrupting your work.

    We try to space out updates to our application as much as possible, however, in order to add features, fix issues and ensure compatibility, from time to time we need to make updates which are distributed to our user base. While each time it might not be entirely obvious what we're doing, we avoid trivial updates at all costs.

    That being said, we try to keep our updates to approximately once a month. The last update (v3.0.0) was on 7/30/09. The three before that were on 6/4/09, 4/30/09 and 3/27/09. Hopefully when these updates go out you are only prompted to accept them when you open your browser, minimizing any disruption to your day.

    Final note - Just as a heads-up, we have an important one (v3.0.1) coming out very shortly.

    Thank you again for your feedback and hopefully you'll find that the value of our application outweighs any inconveniences associated with periodic updates! Please let us know if there's anything else we may do to help. You can always reach us at http://www.surfcanyon.com/contact.jsp.
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