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Super Extended Stats

The current "extended stats" are fantastic. I have some ideas for "super extended stats" which would be very useful for me and maybe others. They could help to power new analysis tools to be included in the Looper views and really help people to identify areas for improvement in their game.

I wish I could make use of the "club tracker", but the GPS lock in my area is too slow, it drains my battery and I find it time consuming to input the information. I have a suggestion that I think might bring some of the advantages of the club tracker to the scorecard stats.

I want to be able to gather statistics on which clubs I am using, and to a lesser extent the quality of the lie and shot.

I propose that a "super extended stats" window could track the following information:

* Score
* Putts
* Add shot: (drive, lay up, approach, pitch, chip, bunker) (club selector) (left, straight, right, fault, penalty)

A new "Add shot" option should appear when a field is completed.

The user doesn't have to track every shot this way - just the information that they wish to track. For example, if somebody wants to track drive quality (as the current app does) then they can still do so just as easily.

The distinction between shot type would allow not only the drive quality to be tracked but also fairway/rough shots and a variety of short game shots (including bunkers) and the frequency of club usage.

The club selector would have a list of all the clubs (from "whats in my bag").

I could easily create a mock-up of what I think the UI could look like if it would help explain the request.

This feature request supersedes my previous request as it captures a lot more information and should be much more user friendly.
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  • Sorry, I forgot to mention above but the big advantage over the "club tracker" is that it should be a *lot* quicker to do the data entry. Also, it is requested at the end of the hole when the user is already in the "data input" frame of mind - all they need to be able to do is remember their shots to that point :-)

    An alternative "Add Shot" feature could be the following (slightly more complicated)

    * Add shot: (Type: tee, lay up, approach, pitch, chip, flop) (Lie: fairway, rough, deep rough, sand, water, hard place) (Club: *club selector*) (Outcome: left, straight, right, top, chunk, out of bounds, water, lost ball)
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