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I love you guys!!!!

Hi Guys & Gals,

I gotta say your DnA video that you emailed the link for the other week is a work of utter genius.

I watched it twice & have taken on board what it said, mainly concentrating on:-

1) Not trying to smash the cover of the ball with every shot
2) Clubbing down 1 maybe 2 clubs
3) Knowing my game & adjusting my set up for the type of shot I normally hit
4) Not taking on stupid / risky shots

I play off 17 & I haven't come even close to shooting near handicap for a while. However since watching the video & implementing it's ideas I shot a 93 at my home club on Sunday & just last night a net par on a local (and very windy) links 9 hole course.

I was only 4 over after 7 holes - o.k. so I lost the plot a little on the 8th & hit a quad bogey but even with a dreaded 9 on my card I finished the 9 holes only 9 over.

In fact I was enjoying it so much I decided to play on until I could heardly see, playing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd then turning back around & then finishing with the 8th & 9th at birdie, birdie, par, par, double bogey.

In the end I played 14 holes at 10 over par with a 9 on my card!!!!

What a total revelation - without changing any swing mechanics I have knocked tons of shots off my game!!!

I cannot thank you guys enough & whats more I can open the app & revel in my performance & tell percentages of improvement in any area of my game I choose to analize.

Thanks again so much

Best regards
Dan (total golf geek) Jackaman
United Kingdom