No access to Pro Looper features after upgrading from Looper to Pro Looper this morning.

I upgraded from Looper to Pro Looper after receiving the email announcing I was eligible this morning, and I have still haven't been granted access to all the Pro Looper features.

I went through the process, and completed my transaction through Paypal, and even received a confirmation email from Paypal stating my transaction was complete and my card was charged.

I logged out and back in, and still can't get access to the Pro Looper parts of the website. Is there more I need to do from this point? My SbS app shows I have version v2.1.205 and the app store says that is up to date. When I click on the submenus on the website under Pro Looper, it shows some quotes from people and that it is a Loopers Members Only Area. I can access the normal Loopers area just fine though. I am excited to get things going with the new Pro Looper package, so I hope I hear from you soon. Thanks for your anticipated help!

Mike O'Connell
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