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Play New Round Screen

Here you can set up the settings for your golf round.

Step 1. Select Course

Select the course you would like to play on. Only active, mapped courses will be available for selection.

If you don't see your course while searching, you can add your course from our website for free. A mapped course will be available immediately for the logged in user that mapped it. The course will then be available to your friends when approved by a SbS admin (usually takes up to 4 hours).

Step 2. Select Options

Select to turn ON/OFF the range finder, scorecard module, and/or club tracker. A round can be played with the range finder, scorecard, or both. You'll need the range finder ON to use the club tracker.

Note: As a scorecard user you can keep score for you and your friends, but advanced statistics are only available for you.


Step 3. Select Tee and Scorecard Type

*Available if you have the scorecard module.

I. The tee you play from can influence statistics, and will be needed if you decide to submit your scorecard to a handicapping association like GHIN.

II. Select if you would like to play Stroke Play or Stableford.

III. Select If you would like your Handicap included in scoring and what type. (note: this doesn't calculate a new handicap. It simply uses your handicap to calculate net score and/or stableford points)

Step 4. Select Friends

*Available if you have the scorecard module.

Select up to 3 other players to keep score for your list of friends. You can add/edit any of the friends on your list and include his/her handicap.

If you are using player handicaps, select the user to update his/her hcp.

Step 5. Start Playing!

Select Start New to play your round.