Samsung Galaxy S2 Latest Firmware - SbS Not Happy

Very sorry about this guys, as I know you've had problems getting SbS to work with this phone.
Actually, it's been working really quite nicely recently, and I was going to tie off a few posts to say as much. However.....

Updated the firmware (official via Kies) to GINGERBREAD.XWKI4 a couple of days ago and have used it for running with Endomondo (always locking the phone whilst moving) and all was fine. Went out today and tracked my son's 9 holes of golf, and it was clear from the start that all was not right.

Start the shot, SbS locks on then I put phone away.
Phone out of pocket, distance to pin shows a generic starting distance that I reckon is approx from somewhere behind the back of the back tee (green bar over it but distance not decreasing while walking closer) that is hole "related", but not from the scorecard, and shot hit distance shows 85xxx yds (also not increasing as moving forward).
Can get it to relock and rethink by changing club selection, and can get a recalculated distance so not all is lost.

Don't think that it is 100% related to locking the phone, as pretty sure that I also saw the 85xxx yds shot distance / incorrect distance to go, before putting phone away too.

To clarify, the 85xxx seems also to be a hole specific, not changing whilst walking number (not actually displaying xxx).

Looking at the flyover with him afterwards, and it also wasn't looking very accurate either, so looks like the GPS in this phone has been updated and is causing an issue with SbS.

Android: 2.3.4
Baseband: I9100XXKI1
root@DELL143 #2

Hope this helps and sorry that this phone appears to be a pain!

Best wishes and thank you for the effort you put in.
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