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AllanB (Customer Support) February 27, 2012 13:58

Instructions for Restoring Hipstamatic paks (both paid and limited edition gear)

This is an informational thread, to help you complete a full restore of your Hipsta paks, whenever you need.

After you install or reinstall Hipstamatic, it will always only include the basic gear. That's the way the app downloads. It will *appear* initially that all your previous purchases are missing. But they're safe! Don't panic. :)

Hipstamatic has a built-in function called 'Restore Purchases' that checks your account, looks at what is missing from your phone, and then automatically downloads any paks (even free/limited edition ones) that you've previously purchased and downloaded.

The critical item to be aware of is that you must use the same Apple ID that you used to buy Hipstamatic originally. That's the account that will have your paid paks associated with it, and is needed to make the restore work as designed.

These instructions should help you recover your paks under most situations. However, there is sometimes more than one reason why your paks may not restore on the first attempt. The important thing to remember is that they remain associated with your account in the background and so all is never lost.

In other words... Please don't fret if the restore doesn't go perfectly the first time. Double check the steps, double check your account logins, and try again. You can't do any harm by hitting Restore Purchases more than once!

*** Please note that if you need amy additional assistance restoring your paks there is daily support available here in the forum. The best way to receive prompt accurate attention for your issue is to post a NEW thread here in the forum. That way we can work with you individually to sort out your specific problems.***

Restoring your Hipstamatic gear...

[It's important to note, that if the instructions below don't work the first time, please do NOT delete the app. It won't help and could just make things more complicated.]

1) Make sure you're on a stable wi-fi connection (This is really important. While it *may* work via 3G, a wi-fi connection is usually better.)

2) Perform a force shut down of the Hipstamatic app

If you're not familiar with the app shutdown process, here's all you need to do:

- start with your phone unlocked
- press your devices' home button to take you back to your main screen
- double click the home button, to bring up the background apps as a row of icons along the bottom of your screen
- press and hold the Hipstamatic icon until it 'jiggles'
- tap the red minus symbol to close the app (you may want to take that same opportunity to close all your background apps. It'll free up memory and you'll be amazed at how many you had running)

- reboot your phone (It only takes a few seconds, and it solves a myriad of other problems)

3) Once your phone is back up, launch the App store app, and go to the Featured tab. Scroll down and find the bar where your account/ID is shown at the bottom of the page. Check the Apple ID that's currently signed in. It's critical that you sign in using the same Apple ID that was used to purchase Hipstamatic. That account is part of Apple's billing system and is used to track all your purchases. Once you're sure that's the right account, tap the Apple ID button, then the 'View Apple ID' option:

- then launch Hipstamatic and head to the Hipstamart (tap the shopping cart icon below the lens, on the front screen of the app). You'll see one of two screens next. You'll either see the details of your Hipstaccount (your email address, stored shipping/credit card info). If that's the case, skip to step 4.

Otherwise, the sign in screen should appear as shown below:

As with the Apple ID, it's important to sign in using the same Hipstaccount information that you used to purchase/download any paks previously. Your Hipstaccount is the one on our servers, that you use to download some of the free/limited paks and to order analog items such as prints, Hipstacases and t-shirts. (As opposed to your Apple ID, which is the account you used to buy Hipstamatic from the App store originally, and the account that you used to restore your paid paks.)

If you used Facebook Connect to set up your Hipstaccount, then please reconnect in that same way. (Use the option in the bottom right corner) Otherwise, please sign in using the email address/password you previously used for your Hipstaccount. (Use the option in the bottom left corner). Tap the 'Done' button when you're finished signing into your Hipstaccount.

4) Now that you've check/signed into both your Apple ID and your Hipstaccount, you're ready to click on the Restore Purchases button.

From the Hipstamart (you should now be on the Featured Camera Gear screen) tap the Downloads button in the bottom right corner:

And lastly, hit the Restore Purchases button in the upper left corner:

That should restore any/all purchases you've made under either your Apple ID or your Hipstaccount. It usually works the first time, but sometimes it may take a couple of attempts. Don't be afraid to tap the Restore Purchases button again, if everything doesn't restore the first time you try.

If the instructions in this thread haven't helped, please post a NEW thread to this forum. Provide as much details as you can about the specific situation you're having on your phone/device. It's important you continue to use the copy of the app you've already installed - i.e. do NOT delete and reinstall the app before asking for more help. Deleting is usually not the solution to restore issues, but I can and will work with you to diagnose your individual problem and solve it for you.

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