Issues & Probs with HIpsta and Swanko

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I have had some issues but also have some complaints that will be addressed here. I very much enjoy using Hipstamatic, and do so on almost a daily basis. Here's what I have to say.

When selecting print packs using the website interface, there are some issues that arise that make the process difficult - unnecessarily. For some reason, I cannot get the print pack to correctly work once I start importing photos. If I want to do a 96 print pack, when I first do the import of the 96 photos, the website says that I am over the limit for the 9 print pack. Note that I didn't NOT choose the 9 print pack, but instead, the 96. What's SUPER annoying is that I have to get out of that webpage somehow and then go back to the photos I have uploaded and choose the 96 print pack. UNFORTUNATELY, the photos that I had choosen are now all UNCHECKED, so I have to sit there and check all 96! Not fun.

The website needs to support folders for uploaded photos, and maybe put new uploads in a new folder. Going through hundreds of pictures the way they are right now is NO FUN! PLUS, if you want to delete them, you have to go in and MANUALLY check every single one you want. It would be much nicer to have them arranged similar to gmail where you can click a checkbox above a column that selects ALL of the pictures. MUCH MUCH easier if you had that.

SHIPPING of orders needs to be fixed! I ordered two packs of prints one after another, and that means I have to pay shipping on EACH instead of having them in the same shipment! HIGHLY inefficent! Plus, you can't create multiple projects/orders! Let's say you need an order of 96 4" prints but also need an order of an extra 9 and maybe 3 7" prints. You can't set up all these orders first and THEN once the orders/packs have been created/selected, process them ALL together so that they can be processed at ONE TIME! That way they can be created together and SHIPPED TOGETHER!

Additionally, it would be nice to have a "photo bank" that can also have subfolders inside for better organization (that can be deleted and created at will). This way, if you create a certain order and have it in a folder and want to order duplicates of that SAME ORDER 3 months from now, you can just select that same folder (or if you have a "previous orders" section IN ADDITION to this "photo bank") and added it to a list of orders/shopping cart. Again, this cart would be what I described above where you can create several orders, have them in the cart, and once you're ready, THEN order them to be PRINTED. LIfe would be much better this way.

By the way, the photos I got came out darker than the iPhone. It wasn't a HUGE difference, but I think it needs to be addressed.

SWANKO Lab. I actually DUG it, and I say DUG it because I DELETED it. Why? Not because I heard there have been NO updates, which is certainly not cool, but because of the SATANIC symbols on the bottles. WHY??? The Fantabra bottles have Pentagrams on them, but then HIpstamatic's website has images of little cartoon bears, etc. That's some serious bad juju pouring chemicals on pictures of people - completely unnecessary and made me question what's going on with the creators of Hipstamatic. These should be removed - I find them offensive.
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