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I would like to be able to rearrange my favorite combo, so I don't have to go digging through everything.

Please and thank you.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hey again Julie,

Thanks for this note! This is a suggestion that's come in several times since the Favorites feature was added. As I may have mentioned to you in one of our previous conversations, we do keep an ongoing list of feature requests. And this one is definitely on that list already. I'll make sure your vote is added to the mix. I know this is something a lot of folks are hoping for, and I hope the team will be able to add it at some point in the future! :)

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I would like to second Julie's suggestion. Until an update comes, here is a method that I have worked out for organizing favorite lens/film combos:

First experiment to find your favorite combos. Once you have been shooting for awhile you will probably have a very messy list of favorites, some of which you like and some you don't and not in any logical order.

Next, make a list of the combos you like and put them in a sequence that makes sense to you. For example, I have all of my Black Keys combos first, starting with the Jane lens and moving through several lenses that alter the image. Then I have my C-Launch 72 Monochrome combos set up the same way, then other films I like.

Next, delete all of your existing favorites. Then follow your list and add your favorites one by one. There are two ways to add a favorite. The best method is to select a photo that was done with that combo from your prints menu. Click on the little white window that shows the lens and film used to make that image. An option will appear to save that combo as a favorite. You will also be able to name it, which you cannot do when creating a favorite the other way.

I like being able to name my favorites. For example, I call C-Launch 72 Monochrome with Jane lens "Rolleiflex 72." This is because I got my first good camera, an old 1950s Rolleiflex, as a kid in 1972. I used to print my 6x6cm Kodak B&W negatives on Agfa paper which had a warm, greenish tone like C-Launch 72. "Roleiflex" is much shorter and makes more sense to me when scrolling through my favorites than "C-Launch 72 Monochrome." One might also name this favorite "Diane Arbus," as its look is reminiscent of the wide angle Rollei model she used in the early 1960s (later replaced by the Mamiya C-330) and the Portriga Rapid paper that she printed on, not to mention her black borders.

Repeat this procedure for all of the favorites on your list and you will have a nice, customized favorites menu. The only problem is that, when you want to add a new favorite, it can only go at the end of the list. It would be nice to have a favorites menu where you could drag items around to change the order or insert an item in a specific place. It would also be nice to be able to make folders or groups of favorites.

Hope this helps.
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I organize by camera case, Tintypes are all Gangster, B&W Mr. Bling, Tilt shift Green Apple, etc. But after the initial categorization (in order) new combos come at the end, out of order.
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When you organize by camera case, are you able to see a list of the cases and then choose the case that has the group you want? Or are all your favorites in one long sequence?
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I thought today that it could be useful just to have a folder possibility for the favorites on the top of what there is already on Hipstamatic Classic. So we could create folders like the iOS screens and we could put inside all our combos that already exist and create new ones.

So, for example, folders for packages names, blackandwhite, portraits and so on, we give the names and pick up some preexisting fancy icons :p

And the possibility to rearrage the favorites inside the folder would be nice as well. Exactly like it happens in the iOS system.

This is becoming quite Urgent with all these new gears coming out every month. :)