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Sending pictures to the "order file"

When I add photos to purchase and leave out of there. It erases my order and I have to start over again everytime. Is there a way to avoid that?
Maria Leclerc
Brampton, ontario
ps... I love Hipstamatic.
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  • AllanB (Customer Support) June 13, 2012 20:23
    Hey Maria,

    Hello from far off Toronto! ;)

    Thanks for your question. Can you tell me a bit more about how you're ordering? Are you going through the Hipstamatic app on your phone to create your orders, or are you using the Hipstamart website?

    And, no matter which way you're ordering, can you tell me how far along in the process you get? Are you getting to the screen where everything is totalled up and it shows you your shipping costs etc?

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