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The Table is Set!

Table Launch at our church took off on September 18 with a positive response despite the server’s back end going down. By following tips from the guidelines along with a unique power point presntation for four Sundays prior, our older congregation was able to grasp the concept. We used the comparison of gathering around a table face to face to share prayer, needs and discussions (which is done here on a regular basis) to gathering around an online table to do the same thing. A third of our congregation has signed up so far! We have plans to do an upbeat reminder promotion as well as a Q&A time in the next week or two.

The Prayer Wall is the most utilized app; however, our discussion board has seen some lively conversations as well. Even though we had leadership buy in and launched in stages (ministry leaders), people seem a bit hesitant on using the Group Tab including the leaders of groups.

One of our discussions was started by a person who had become discouraged with what was perceived as a lack of “community” in our body and in so doing found some incredible support to the degree that this person is now organizing monthly church suppers so we can see each other face to face! Using technology to bring us together face to face; wow.

We are grateful for all the work that has gone into designing and implementing The Table Project; the communication that you offer on a personal basis is amazing and very encouraging. So thank you.
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    That's so encouraging to hear. Thanks for sharing!

    And I apologize again for the downtime we had on Sept. 18 and again yesterday. If any of your users are asking about that, please let them know that we've figured out the problem (our datacenter) and we're fixing it (currently on better servers at our datacenter and in the process of switching datacenters).

    We realize downtime can be killer and we don't want that to impede your launch. It's really encouraging to hear the issues on Sept. 18 didn't seem to impact your launch.

    Please continue to keep us updated and let us know if we can help you with anything.

    Kevin D. Hendricks
    Customer Experience
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