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Any reason to continue one's Lion upgrade procrastination???

I'm a late adopter plus I was traveling and like to upgrade "all" our computers at about the same time.

So now I'm about to open JWK's TC of Upgrading Lion (1.2) and get to work. I've used Joe's TC books for ___ upgrades (as many as he has written) and have always been very pleased with the result and the process too.

My other reason for delay was hearing some problems with iCloud and knowing I'd probably want to migrate there at the same time. Being dependent on BusyCal and BusyToDo I didn't want to make the iCloud move prematurely.

Any reason at this "late" date to hesitate on upgrading to Lion? My lone client of my Mac tech support will "shoot me" if her Mac doesn't like the new feline. ;) ;)

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