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Take Control of Your Ethernet Network

(Posting for a reader.)

Love your books. Here's a suggestion for a topic where I can't find anything really useful online: Take Control of Your Ethernet Network

There's lots to cover here, such as:

a) do I need to replace all my Cat5 cables with Cat5e or 6?
b) what's the real diff between a hub, router and switch?
c) how can I get my network to work close to its potential speed (my 1000 Gigabit network only gives me about 10% of its possible 125mps speed, I have no idea why)?
d) Complex set-ups, what's best? (My home network combines four ethernet hubs/switches, Powerline, wi-fi etc, I have no idea what is optimal.)

You get the idea. I think people just plug and play Ethernet without having any real understanding of how to set up/maintain the best possible network.
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  • On the one hand, this is a great idea, since a lot of people really don't know very much about networking. That said, it's rather low on our priority list because for most people buying new hardware, it just works, and most people don't have complex networking needs. As a result, though the information would be welcome, I can't see the book selling very well.

    Also, because this information is so well known, there's a ton of it available on the Internet in decent form. Just check out the top links on this Google search.

    My suspicion is that your networking issues come from having a complex setup, potentially with old hardware. An elderly device that does only 10 megabits in the wrong place can slow down an entire Gigabit Ethernet network. Bad cables are also a possibility. I'd set up a very simple network and add other stuff on to it, testing as you go, and I'm sure that will help you find the culprit in the speed problem.
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