I’m disappointed

A completely unfair way of voting and shows that talent house isn't really living up to their idea of giving artist a chance

I truly love talent house and there idea of giving a chance for artist to get their name out there. I recently entered a design in the Florence and the Machine competition and I honestly thought I had a shot to at least almost win. I hope I'm not coming off as a sore loser or anything. Im just trying to point out somethings that aren't fair for some of the artist. One, to be using facebook as a voting system gives an advantage over others. Some people like me have only 200 friends where I can only get about half to vote versus someone else who has 1500 who can get like 800 people to vote. Another problem is that right when you go to the main page of the contest it already shows the top 9 people so people going to the site get to see the already popular ones first and then they get more support, my design is about 6 more pages away. People wanting to vote aren't going to go on a mission looking for the best one. The first one that they see that they like they'll vote for it.
I've never designed an item of clothing in my entire life, and the chance to see florence and the machine gave me the inspiration and the chance to find a new medium of art, but some people are taking pictures off the internet and just adding on things and they have more votes than me because they have the support from facebook. I put a lot of work into this and I think that voting should be done by a panel of judges and Florence Welch. If it was done that way and I didn't win, I would be content knowing that at least she herself looked at mine and at least I got some sort of chance to win.
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    I’m Your personal typing marsupial.
    Greetings Walter!

    Here at Talenthouse we believe that any artist, regardless of their number of friends, should have a chance to be discovered. This is why we allow our hosts to have the final choice when it comes to who they would like to work with in a Creative Invite, regardless of the number of votes an artist has.

    Voting is a way to show a host how passionate you are. Some hosts are looking for individuals who are talented at motivating people in addition to being creatively talented. We present all submissions to the the hosts, and often times we are surprised at which submissions they choose. Some hosts will select from the top ten, while others have chosen submissions on page nine or ten.

    You have an excellent point about the way that submissions are sorted. Perhaps it would be better if submissions were randomized every hour. We have had many requests from users however to be able to see what "place" their submission is in voting, and have found that showing the top 9 voted submissions has a great power to motivate people to gather votes. It's not an easy choice, as we wan't every submission to be seen but at the same make voting exciting.

    Rest assured, Florence will have a chance to see your submission!

    I'm glad you contacted us.
    Do the best you can with the resources and talent you possess!
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    I agree about the FB issue but for different reasons. I am a member of Talenthouse and have a Talenthouse profile. My FB is private and I wish to keep it that way.

    I voted today but this is the last time I will be, if I have to in fact, log in to FB to do so.

    I see no reason why I cannot as a member of TH, vote from my TH profile & membership without logging into any of my other social media accounts.

    Is Talenthouse trying to kill 2 birds with one stone? I may see the reasoning but do not wish to participate in it.

    Also, although I love the idea of Talenthouse providing a platform for many artists to be seen or found ... I find that contests overall, are in many ways, exploitative.

    Fresh ideas from unknown artists can be collected, then rushed off to a promoters staff, (even others) to have built upon, without any true credit given to the originating artist.

    I see many "jobs" posting such contests and one next to never sees those "buyers" actually "hire" anyone. Just my .02 ♥
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    Hi, Im another participant and like the others, I have the same disappointing feeling about the voting system. but my purpose of this message more than complaining, is to propose something to make that system more fair and helpful for the artists:

    Talenthouse is recognized by promoting and discover artists and the creative invites not only give the chance to "push" that creativity power but also put the artists on a competitive environment where they can learn from each other and improve their skills.

    So far, everything sounds good but when you allow a social media like Facebook to be part of this fundamental step is when things start to lose their initial purpose. Facebook is a powerful tool to attract people to your site, but it shouldn't be the main way to "judge" the artistic work of people. I know that you review all the submissions and not always the most voted is chosen but unconsciously, a submission not matter if it isn't the best will always had more power over the other one that had just a few votes but definitely deserves to win. the fact that you limit the finalists on a x number of the most voted is simply unfair because some people no matter how many hours they put on their work they know that never going to be finalist simply because they don't have an x number of friends in Facebook. Besides, I feel frustrated when I see designs that have hundreds of votes and inside myself I know that many of the people that voted for that design had no idea, no taste and no concept to judge and even, they have no idea what Talenthouse is.

    I submitted for Kanto speakers design and I made my efforts to try to get as many votes as I could but I realized that it was a waste of time when I saw i needed 300 more votes to be on top. Then I participated for Rusko's design and someone that I dont know voted for me and said that I deserved to be on the top 20, and I knowing that I could never be on top 20

    What I propose, is that the voting could be only among the participants and the judges. This will allow the following:

    1 No more unfair loads of votes from friends of Facebook

    2 The real votes are from people who knows about the topic, researched and spent time working on a submission and spent time on Talenthouse's page so this give them authority to judge

    3 ( for me the most important) You will compare your work with other's and this will help you to judge you work and the other participants' work in a realistic way, and this really will help you grow as an artist.

    4 The voting system would be faster, and there is more accurate chances to choose the best winner.

    I hope this words could help you get better and improve all this system.

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  • The voting system on talenthouse is rubbish.

    Idea 1: It should be a slideshow of different designs (Like on the Photoshop face off on the advanced photoshop website) and people should click on a like button if they like the design.

    Idea 2: Not thought of one yet
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    I refuse to solicit votes anymore. I am making submissions for the invites that I am inspired by, but since I will not be marketing on Facebook and Twitter for votes anymore, I know all of my submissions will fall to the bottom of the pile. Because the voting system is ridiculous, I don't even expect my work to be seen, unless by chance the hosts screen the entire pile of submissions.I am utilizing TH as a way to challenge myself to create art for the given themes, because aside from the voting system, I really like this community.

    As many have said, the voting system is horrible. I had to spend so much time hounding people for votes in my first big contest here just to stay "visible", it was embarrassing. This site is about ART and talent, but the voting system seems to cheapen the entire concept to a chili cook-off vibe. Heck, you can even "trade votes" with people who actually ARE in chili cook-offs (I've seen some TH entrants doing precisely that!).

    Talenthouse, seriously. This site would appear so much more professional if you implemented a better voting system or juried submission process. If the art world depended on Facebook votes to run their gallery exhibitions, we'd be in trouble. Please stop trying to turn artists into door-to-door salesmen. There's some great ideas for other voting options up above my post and I'm sure if you pitched it to the community, you'd have enough ideas to fill a book. I understand the current voting system is a far-reaching way to advertise TH, but there's got to be a better way. Sure, the voting system draws a lot of people to TH, but it's ultimately diminishing the whole concept, which is "talent".
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  • Press Release

    Something Rotten in Sundance


    We live in a world where filmmakers are given opportunities via the Internet,
    however it’s not always a fair and regulated platform.

    A couple of months ago I entered into a Talenthouse short film competition for
    the Playboy/Bombay Sapphire competition, the winner to be screened during
    Sundance with a first prize of $3500, and 3 prizes for the top three voted of
    the amount of $500 As with any competition I read the rules, paying particular
    heed to forbidden use of third party content, not using subjects under twenty-
    five years old.

    Talenthouse for those who don’t know is a crowd sourcing internet site that
    offers creatives the opportunity to enter competitions to create for world
    famous names, and through a method of voting by members, facebookers,
    tweeters. Sounds democratic, sounds great?

    What if you were to make a film, regardless of content, enter the competition
    and employ microworkers.com to vote for you. You pay 5 cents per vote and if
    the prize money is $500 for the first three places, $3500 if you get first place;
    then this is good business, right? But it completely subtracts the operative
    word TALENT from the hosts, Talenthouse.com

    I became aware of fishy patterns in one particular competitor, whose voters
    were predominantly from the Far East, who, instead of leaving the usual
    genuine comments of support, were just leaving their date of birth. Then I
    noticed one of the only human comments was a talenthouse member
    commenting, ’ buying votes is really working’. It was obvious that there was
    something seriously wrong.

    I looked at the film in question and not only was there dubious voting issues,
    There was blatant use of third party content, a featured scene from Requiem
    for a Dream, Phil Spector’s ‘she’s my baby” and subjects clearly under 25
    years old.

    A fellow competitor brought voting concerns about another finalist. We had
    both nurtured genuine support. On this information we contacted Talenthouse,
    alerting them because this potentially could undermine their whole system.
    They seemed genuinely concerned assuming they would get back to me.
    Several days later Talenthouse were still broadcasting this film. By this time
    quite a few Talenthouse members had spoken up about this.

    The result for the competition was announced on the 14th of December; to my
    disgust and horror this guy who had apparently fiddled the votes, flaunted the
    rules won!!! Many members including finalists started being vocal, astonished
    that this was allowed to happen.

    Asked what I think they should do, ‘strip the guy of his Title?’, at that point it
    was obvious they were not going to do that. And for good measure they T/H
    threw in that they didn’t care about third party content because the
    spokesperson said he himself nicked stuff all the time back in the day.

    Corporate, glossed announcements came from Talenthouse and The ‘Winner’
    that failed to satisfy the ever growing questions from a restless community.

    So I looked long and hard at the hard evidence, a document showing the
    winners vote purchasing site. I looked long and hard at the statement from
    Talenthouse which stated that they found “nothing illegal or untoward ‘ in the
    winner of the competition. And they went on to say Talenthouse is run by
    artists for artists. I looked long and hard at the alleged artists statement saying
    he was set up, that someone created this account to make him look bad.

    With this in mind, I began posting statements all over the site, encouraging
    people to buy votes at microworkers.com as T/H think this is acceptable. And
    the purpose of this was to highlight this issue.

    Somehow someone took that statement on face value, and invited me into a
    clandestine group on the internet that deals in votes, offering any number of
    votes in trade! I created a dialogue and discovered that two people have won
    T/H competitions by these means and they even have a widget to subtract
    votes from other competitors.

    I knew that it was a matter of time until they realised that I am protesting
    against devious means of acquiring votes. So I had a good look around their
    site and their wall, their members and took a few screen shots. Astonished to
    discover that a Talenthouse managing director was a fully-fledged member of
    this group!

    I have met some wonderful and sincere artists on Talenthouse, who really
    believe that they are on a level playing field. I trusted their talent would be the
    basis of the competitions run. However it’s patently not. Its system
    fundamentally flawed with serious issues regarding its government . This
    suggests Talenthouse interest with internet activity, without any care of the
    source. Talent does not equate to how many friends you have on facebook or
    twitter, or purchasing votes. It appears that Talenthouse are more interested
    in the amount of hits they accrue on the Internet than the integrity of their

    Looking at things from a business context this competition so far has reached
    1 million users for an initial outlay of five and a half grand. That’s good news
    for the sponsors. Is there a reason for this state of denial?

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    I have recently discovered a "contest" at Talenthouse and decided to take a chance and enter. I honestly dislike this type of "popularity" contest. I don't have many friends on Facebook and it's been hard to generate votes for my project. I had others who said they will not vote because they don't want to allow Talenthouse to access their information, friends, etc. on Facebook (something you have to allow in order to vote).

    Many of the designs in a current Talenthouse contest are clearly breaking rules such as not allowed to use the name of the group or band in the design or using copyright material (and they have). I saw at least 100 designs in just the band I participated, that broke these rules. They should never have been allowed to be voted on and been disqualified.
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  • I’m Happy - and hope this relieves some of the frustration on this thread.
    I think a lot of people are missing the point.

    Yes Talent house purports to be a platform for artists to get discovered but in reality its just a re-packaged marketing platform.

    Their insistence that before voting you must either sign in with twitter or Facebook is to facilitate the 'viral' spread of the event i.e. nigh-on free marketing.

    It is not in Talenthouse's best interests to ever create a mechanism that limits voting to a merit basis and not a popularity basis. The biggest reason for large companies to post creative invites is not to discover new talent - it's to get dirt cheap marketing.

    Take the Filth Movie Limited Edition Poster creative invite. Talenthouse reported that it reached over 1million people - i can only assume this relates to the amount of combined unique views of each submission - do correct me if i am wrong. £1000 (plus whatever fee Talenthouse charge for posting the invite) to reach 1million people - thats about the cheapest marketing you can get. Even if with all hidden fees etc. the total paid by Lionsgate was closer to £5000 that is still ridiculously cheap marketing.

    If anyone knows of any professional marketing company that will sign an agreement with a minimum guaranteed audience reach of 1million people for £5000 then please do let me have their details.

    The platform construct is not to benefit the talent at all. It may seem cynical but it isn't - just the reality - the primary benefactors are Talenthouse and the 'creative invite' posters. The token sums of money awarded to the 'talent' are absolutely nothing compared to the marketing value and 'reach' that the inviting company can potentially get via social media.

    In the interest of being fair - maybe once in awhile one 'creative' does get an opportunity from entering the 'creative invite', that makes a difference to their career - but they'll be so few and far between compared to each and every invite poster who gets dirt cheap marketing.

    I guess my ultimate point sits somewhere around getting noticed - it is very hard work and if you believe in yourself keep going - learn your craft and become exceptional at it. Your failures will tame your ego and ultimately make you better. The ubiquitous ethos of instant success is a delusion because however quickly success comes is exactly how quickly it can disappear.

    I don't write this to speak negatively of Talenthouse or any of the creatives who enter the creative invites - once in awhile i am sure it is a very successful combination. I am just trying to highlight the realities of this platform which may help in giving many of you a piece of mind - Enough to recognize it for what it is so as not to dwell on the failures and move on to the next opportunity.

    As a talent promotion platform it is intrinsically flawed. As a marketing and business promotion platform it is a very efficient machine. It is up to you how you choose to view it.
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