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I’m irritated

Talenthouse Is Based Entirely On Voting. I'm Proving It. Please Change The Name Of This Site To Something More Appropriate.

I am running a personal experiment right now to prove that this system is entirely unfair and that Talenthouse, in actuality, is not based on talent. So far, it proves these arguments correct. In my first participation on Talenthouse, I solicited like crazy for votes (posted on facebook, twitter, nagged everyone to vote for me). I placed well in that invite and got many votes.

Right now I am entered into over FIVE different invites and I refuse to mention it to anyone, since I do not believe in "voting". I also emailed everyone and told them to ignore the emails from Talenthouse to vote for me. What's happening so far is that every single one of my entries is entirely invisible. Each entry is completely at the bottom of the pile, most with zero votes. What does this prove so far? That these competitions are ENTIRELY based on votes, because if you refuse to participate in this ridiculous system then your work will not even be SEEN.

I am fortunate to make a living as an artist and I am fortunate to be where I am in my career, but it is infuriating to me to see some very talented young artists just starting out who are being dragged through a milking machine only to drive traffic to this site. You are not participating in an art opportunity; you are participating in a social media campaign. Your time would best be spent entering real juried exhibitions and presenting your portfolio to people in the actual industry. Get your work seen by curators and editors who don't care how many Facebook friends you have.

Talenthouse is a great concept, but in order for it to work it needs to nurture artists instead of encouraging them to humiliate themselves in an artier version of a hot-dog eating contest. Until then, I think the name of this site should be changed to something more appropriate. Perhaps "VoteHouse" or "Advertise-For-Us-On-Facebook-And-Maybe-You'll-Get-A-Shot-At-Designing-For-Someone-House".
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