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App crash and no info @ order page

The app chrashes all the time, what to do? Also I cannot get my store information when I go to the order page (
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  • Hi Mathias,

    We've logged in as your store and cleared an incomplete order that may have caused a problem.
    We're unsure as to what the issue was and have processed a number of test orders fine.

    Please unload Tap2Order from memory by double-pressing the 'Home' button on the iPad and tapping-holding down on the Tap2Order icon, then tap the 'minus' symbol on the icon.
    Next, go to the Settings and find Tap2Order menu, usually down the bottom of the iPad settings. Tap the option and tap "Clear Saved Information"

    Now tap the Tap2Order icon on your iPad Home screen and this will load Tap2Order, tap the "Login to Existing Account" option and enter your email address and password, this should log you back in to the Queue screen.

    Clear the Safari cache on your smartphone by selecting Settings > Safari > Clear Cookies and Data
    This will purge all "cached" information from the web browser on the device and ensure a fresh download from the service.

    Finally, browse to your shop front on the smartphone by loading Safari and entering

    If you have any further problems can you please describe the steps you did so we can try them out here.

    Thank You
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